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Ariane Arborene is the author of femdom fiction depicting erotic female domination. This is an adult-only website.  YOU MUST BE 18 YEARS OR OLDER.  If you are not 18 or if adult content would violate the standards of your community: EXIT NOW.

If you are over 18 and not violating the standards of your community, you may read my site.

JOIN ME in my journey into the erotic world of sensual Female Domination. In my popular fiction, the man submits to the woman's sexual dominance.  I have been publishing high-quality FemDom erotica since 2010.  My fans are devoted, discerning and sophisticated erotica readers.

My adult books are available on as Kindle e-books, and most are available in print. I am proud to also offer very sexy audiobooks of my work.  When you purchase my books, you will be in the hands of not only a skilled writer, but a real-life skilled female dominant.  You will sense the difference ....

My fiction is Exciting.  Unafraid.  Sexually explicit.  Sensually real.  Alluring.  Sophisticated.  Unique.  My works divide into two types of FemDom literature: either relationship-driven fiction in which the female dominant and her submissive man have a full sexual life and experience sexual intercourse or, alternatively, more hard-driving fetish fiction such as spanking stories that fulfill the erotic fantasies of those who identify as sexual masochists or other fetishes but do not necessarily include sex between the domme and her sub.

Buy one of my books.  You will soon be hooked!  If you notice on, usually those who buy my ebooks on Kindle go on to purchase other books by me.  Hopefully, you will, too!

My relationship-oriented ebooks with explicit, erotic sex:
Pimped Out As Her Male Whore
Ten Super-Short Classic FemDom Stories
Two FemDom Foot Fetish Stories
 The Poolside Sissy Maid series of short stories
 A Sissy Maid for Arabella: A Feminization & Sissification
       Erotic Novella  *NEW* (click here)
Rock Star Forced Bisexual Submission (click here)
Two Cuckolding FemDom Stories (click here to see it)
The Well-Disciplined Husband  (click here)
Cuckolding The Well-Disciplined Husband  (click here)
The Masturbator Wife (really delicious....!) (click here)
Serving FemDom Alice on Martha's Vineyard (my full-length novel)
Submitting to Alexis: Artist in Training (click here)
CrossDressing My Husband (click here, from my first book)

More hard-hitting, fetish tales of Female Domination (print & ebook):
Ariane Arborene's Classic FemDom Stories (2010) (click)
Classic FemDom Stories Volume 2 (also on Nook) (2011) (click)
Classic FemDom Stories Volume 3 (2012)  (click to see)

"Two Cuckolding FemDom Stories" (click) and "The Masturbator Wife" (click here) are audiobooks, available on itunes and  The Masturbator Wife is also for sale in print, and on ibooks and Smashwords.

PURCHASE one of my books today!

I update my Latest News tab on a monthly basis....  I appreciate all positive reviews of my work on Amazon, Kindle and GoodReads.

I love my readers and hope that you will love my FemDom fiction.

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I welcome adult submissives to join me in my journey into fiction about deliciously erotic Female Domination and Male Submission.  As a lifelong dominant woman, I enjoy domination itself as much as I enjoy writing fictional stories about it.  I hope my stories fuel your fantasies.  You will enter soothing yet exciting sub-space as you read my fiction.

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If you are over 18, please check out the following website, DansFemDomLinks, which has been good enough to include me in its "Friends" section.  Many of us love all things FemDOM.

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